Host Housing

Standing behind the fences and at the sidelines, most spectators come within an arm's length of the racers at the North Star Grand Prix. Host families, who house the racers and the team support personnel, get even closer.

While the level of interaction varies from house to house (some hosts prepare dinner for the riders, others simply offer up their spare room), the riders and the host families always enjoy some quality time together. Many of the host families even come to think of their guests as "their" racers. Host housing helps because it brings more racers to our event. 

You will be asked to provide:

  • A comfortable place to sleep – bed or airbed
  • Bathroom and shower
  • Use of the kitchen and storage for food
  • Use of the washer and dryer
  • A safe place to store the racer(s)' bikes

It's especially convenient for racers to be housed near their teammates and team support staff.  If you have any neighbors that might be interested in this wonderful experience, please have them contact us.



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