North Star Bicycle Festival

The success of the North Star Bicycle Festival is based on our relationships with sponsors and host communities. We need to present a professional and caring image.

The following guidelines will help us accomplish this crucial task.
1. Always be polite to the attendees. If you find yourself losing your cool, bring in your 
supervisor or another volunteer.
2. Never manhandle anyone, except when absolutely essential to avoid a catastrophic accident. If 
an individual is behaving badly or a position has repeated incidents, alert your supervisor or a 
3. Do not use recreational drugs. If you’re taking a prescription medication that you think may 
affect the performance of your duties, inform the volunteer coordinators.
4. Do not drink alcohol from three hours before your shift until you are done for the day. Once 
done for the day, do not engage in drinking alcohol while wearing clothing or credentials that 
make you look like you’re still on duty.
Key Staff, Stage and VIP Hospitality Personnel
1. Remember that you are a host and not a guest.
2. Do not pitch business interests to our sponsors, nor allow friends or acquaintances to pitch 
3. Have a basic knowledge about the:
a. North Star Bicycle Festival
b. The mission of Children’s Lighthouse of Minnesota
c. Companies of our sponsors/clients
d. Sport of bicycle racing.
4. Be a good host. Watch for sponsors or other VIPs who are not enjoying themselves and take 
what action you can. Be pro-active and ask people how they are enjoying the event and if you 
can answer any questions.